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I am an australian. a writer. 23. feminist. pro sex. was on anti-d. single. queer. don't shave (mostly).

I am obsessed with collecting orange penguin classics. opshops. Persian rugs. markets. bohemian trinkets. finding clothes on the street. swear words. feminism. blunt hair cuts. simplicity. vagary. shouting. chai tea. dark nails. Scandinavian forests. calligraphy ink. black cats. weird boys. Sylvia Plath, costume jewellery. Paris. Beatniks. Virginia Woolf. crumbling wallpaper. florals. red lips. re-appropriating the word cunt and slut. coffee rings. lesbians. tattoos. water colour paper. velvet. poetry. artistic nudity. faux fur. gothic churches. film photography. psychoanalysis. Anais Nin.

I studied at Oxford University in 2012. I am currently finishing my writing degree in Canberra.

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